We are Cornelis

Cornelis is all about laughter, living and appreciation of the small things in life. A warm welcome to the ’central district’ of Rotterdam with rich aromas of Burgundian fish and meat dishes, various specialty beers and a handpicked selection of marvelous wines. Indulge in a rich dinner in Cornelis' atmospheric Kitchen or visit Cornelis' Bar and enjoy the shared dining concept with smaller snacks to share. Fond of dancing? At Cornelis you can. Over the weekend, he creates the perfect atmosphere with the tunes of the best DJ’s Rotterdam has to offer.

Who is Cornelis?

For Cornelis, hospitality is the keyword. With his unique sense of style and atmosphere, he serves the finest Burgundian dishes combined with full-bodied wines and refreshing specialty beers. The menu is deliberately kept simple, so that finest cuts of meat and fish with the best selected suppliers speak for themselves. Perfectly cooked and parried for all the 'bon vivants' visiting Cornelis.

Cornelis invites you to visit his stylish restaurant, its inviting bar and don’t forget the dance floor during weekends.




Chefkok IJsbrandt Wilbrennick
’Cornelis is a real host. A man who has the gift to make you laugh.’

History of restaurant Cornelis

Story of cornelis

This story started over a century ago. The now prestigious Coolsingel was nothing but a canal where the water quietly lapped over. The uptown Rotterdam citizens strolled along the canals near the City Hall, looking for a nice place to spend their free time. Over a 100 years ago it was Cornelis Sr. who enticedthe Rotterdam people with vases of fresh lager beer, fine wines and a hearty pot of stew. An evening of entertainment on the corner of Coolsingel. You could sit down with him for a good talk about just about anything, a pleasant drink or a dinner that surely wouldn’t leave you with any more space to fill. A mix of civil servants and Rotterdam workmen came together to eat, drink and enjoy. This brought people closer together, as they should.

Now, a 100 years later, Cornelis has risen from its hibernation. We turned back the clock and carry on his legacy in humbleness. With a great host performance, our staff, bartenders and chefs let Cornelis revive its heritage. Seven days a week, during lunch, drinks and dinner.