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Giant copper beer tanks floating in the air and a robust inviting bar. Clinking wine chalices, richly foaming specialty beers and the soft murmur of other guests in the background. On the ground floor, the atmospheric bar area offers a broad range of specialty beers, fine wines and cocktails enjoyable shared dining dishes. These are smaller versions of the quality cuisine dishes, which are delicious to share with family or friends. At Cornelis you come home to a place with character, with traditional hospitality in an Burgundian atmosphere.

Eat & drink at cornelis bar

How nice that you are looking forward to eating and drinking at Cornelis Bar! Enjoy the shared dining concept with smaller snacks to share with your friends and family, enjoy an excellent lunch prepared and made by professional chefs, and drink from a wide range of well-chosen wines, specialty beers and cocktails. I look forward to meeting you at my bar!